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Starting to learn to drive can seem pretty daunting, with so many things to remember.

GetDrivingUK will help you through the entire process, starting right here! Below are some guidelines to help you through the stages of learning to drive.

Before you start:

Before you have your first lesson, there are some things that are essential to do, and some that are highly recommended.

Provisional licence

You need to have applied for and received your provisional licence, before you can take any driving lessons on the roads. This can be done up to 3 months in advance, and can be done online.

Highway code

The Highway Code is the official rules of the road in the UK. Having a read through this is recommended, as it will prepare you with a prior knowledge of on road behaviour. There is an online copy available from the website.

Theory test learning materials

You need to complete your theory test before you can take your practical driving test. I recommend Theory Test Pro as a good place to go for everything you need to pass this first time.

A useful addition is 'Driving: The Essential Skills'. This DSA publication has everything you need to know about driving in the UK, and can be bought on Amazon.

Create a Check Code and allow me to verify your provisional

I need to check your full licence. To do this you will need to create a Check Code by heading to the website. Once you have created a Check Code, I will need it along with your driver number, found on your plastic licence card, to carry out a check. Please note that the Check Code is valid for 21 days, but only one check. Without this I cannot let you drive on the roads.

On your first lesson:

Bring your provisional licence

I need to check see your provisional licence card, to visually ensure that I have checked the correct licence (See Check Codes above). Please bring the plastic card with you, and ensure that I have had a Check Code from you in advance!


If you need to wear glasses for distance vision ensure that you bring them with you, as you will need to wear them while driving. You will be required to pass a basic sight test in your first lesson AND your driving test, which is to read a standard car number plate at 20 meters distance.

While Learning:

I have put together an assortment of useful tools which will help prepare you for various elements of learning to drive.

Show Me Tell Me Questions

Official support from the website for these important parts of your practical test

Driving Tests:

Theory Tests

Book your theory test - online
Check, change or cancel your theory test - online

Practical Tests

Book your practical test - online
Check, change or cancel your practical test - online

You can find out more about the theory and practical tests by visiting the Driving Standards Agency’s YouTube channel at and watching ‘Are you ready?: a guide for learners’.